Volunteer Handbook

Our Team

The Directors

Brian Nelson

Race Director

Brian oversees all things Unleashed! In addition to directing the main race and Heroes Race on 8/6, he will oversee the Stadium Bowl set up on Saturday, 8/5.

Kelly Nelson

Director of Operations (Offsite)

Kelly manages the daily activities of Unleashed by overseeing all Area Leads and coordinating vendors, sponsors, community partners and hired professionals along with the Race Director.

Amy Porter

Director of Operations (Onsite)

Amy oversees the Area Leads and event activities on race day. She is responsible for intervening if an issue cannot be resolved by an Area Lead.

The Area Leads

Alyce DeMarias

Food Garden

Alyce assists the organizers with food garden vendor contact, food garden setup and take-down, and oversees the operation of the food garden during the event.

Joan Gilbert

Parking Control

Joan oversees the parking area at the Historical Society and Stadium High School. She directs participants, volunteers, community partners, vendors, and the cannon personnel from their parking location to the field. 

Shawndra Michell

Safety & Field

Shawndra oversees safety on the field and stairs by coordinating with the Race Director, Director of Operations,  Race Marshals, and the medical personnel positioned on the field.

Lisa Nordberg

Community Partner

Lisa oversees the interactions of the race participants and community partner, sponsor, and vendor booths during the event. She is also responsible for managing the booth layout on the field Saturday.

Chris Schiesl

Packet Pick Up

Chris oversees packet pick up on Friday 8/4 and race day 8/6. She coordinates her team to ensure the accuracy and flow of the process between participants and Timer.

Jane Sobottka

Results & Awards

Jane coordinates race results with the Timer, participants, and Race Director and oversees the results and awards booths during the event. 

Donald Turnbaugh

Markers & Signage

Donald, along with Monica, oversees the directional and field signage and ensures all race markers are in place and visible to the participants and partners.

Monica Turnbaugh

Markers & Signage

Monica, along with Donald, oversees the directional and field signage and ensures all race markers are in place and visible to the participants and partners.


Check on Knowledge Content

1. To raise money for Kindred Souls Foundation (100{6ec0cf629d9df4376d9cb11cc44df63c1efb660607ca3226b45c40b235f77196} of the net profits go to the care of KSF animals)

2. To strengthen ties between individuals and build community

Friday, 8/4, 4pm to 7pm – Lakewood Family YMCA

Sunday, 8/6, 8am to 8:30am – Stadium Field

For those assisting with Stadium Bowl Set Up, you will need to be on the field by 3pm.

You can park in the WA Historical Society parking lot if there is room, or SHS parking lot, or on the street. 

HYDRATE. The field is hot, so you will want to ensure you are well hydrated. We will have water and some food for you on the field.

We hire a security company to provide staff on site from the moment we leave on Saturday until we arrive on Sunday.

Volunteers are authorized to park in the Washington State Historical Society parking lot and are encouraged to carpool due to limited space. If the lot is filled, then you will need to find parking on the street.

Race participants park in the Stadium High School parking lot or on the street where parking is authorized.

Anyone wearing a wristband can redeem it in the food garden at Mince Mercantile for the breakfast item they selected prior to race day.

Any of the items that are available by your pre-event function date will be brought by a Lead. We *should* have all items by the first pre-event date (8/2).

If you do not get your items by your pre-event date, then they will be available on the field race day (specific details will be announced).

You are also welcome to contact us if you would like to pick up in the University Place/Lakewood area and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

The Passport is a 1/2 sheet page that has a map of each booth location with the organization’s name listed on the other side of the sheet. Race participants can obtain a Passport and visit each booth listed to receive a stamp. Once the passport is completely filled, it can be entered into one of our raffles.

Race participants who run the 2-Lap option can have their race bib stamped and their t-shirt screened 3256. This option is only offered race day on the field. 

Our Community Partnership was created to bring together participants from the race and community organizations. An organization secures the required number of members to sign up for the race and receives recognition on our website and social media, in our event program guide, exposure to race participants, and chooses one of the following competitions:

Largest Pack

  • Minimum of 10 registered participants by close of online registration 7/30/23
  • Community Partner with the most registered participants by close of online registration 7/30/23 wins

Fastest Pack

  • Minimum of 5 registered participants by close of online registration 7/30/23
  • Sum of top 5 finishers’ time, overall lowest time wins

Your participation includes:

  • Facebook recognition/tagging during the registration period (May 1 – July 30)
  • Logo or name linked from our website to your website
  • Logo or name in our event program guide
  • Largest Pack- Name engraved on the perpetual trophy that resides at your headquarters for the year + a special surprise from one of our sponsors!
  • Fastest Pack- Engraved trophy + a special surprise from one of our sponsors!

Food and beverages are not allowed on the field outside of the Food Garden structure.  Clear water is allowed outside of the food garden. This is per SHS policy as to protect the field from damage.

They have two options:

1-Lap = 1,628 steps (814 up + 814 down)

2-Lap = 3,256 steps (1,628 steps up + 1,628 steps down)

Those participants who run the 2-Lap can get their race bib stamped ‘3256’ and race shirt screened ‘3256’ on the field.


Participants under the age of 18 are required to have a parent or guardian sign their waiver and be on the field during the race.

The starting gun is a cannon shot that is exceptionally loud and startling. Even when you know it is going to happen, it can take you off guard.

The cannon will go off after the National Anthem when the designated person (located on the stairs by the singer) gives the fire command.

If you are interacting with racers, guests, partners, etc. please make them aware of this. 

The Heroes Race is an elite 3-person team event for firefighters, law enforcement, and military persons.

The teams are pre-selected through a vetting process by the Unleashed Race Director and the Organizations.

All three members must be able to run the course in 25 min or less wearing a weighted vest (men  40# and women 20#).

Find another volunteer or Area Lead who can answer the question for the person

If there is an obvious medical emergency (i.e., head cracked open, compound fracture, someone being unconscious) then call 911 and alert the medics. If it is not obvious, then alert the medics who will make the judgement call.

If it is not a situation that warrants a 911 call, then follow these instructions:

If the person is on the field and able to walk, assist them to the medic tent.

If the person is on the field and unable to walk, then ask someone to sit with that person until you can retrieve the medics. 

If the person is on the stairs, then alert the medics at their tent. 

If in any of these situations you can alert your Lead that you are leaving the area, please do, but if you do not have time it is most important to ensure the medics are alerted.

No. People need to leave items secured in their vehicle or in the care of a trusted friend/family member. We are not responsible for stolen items.

No. For safety purposes, all spectators must remain on the field.

No. For safety reasons no earbuds are allowed on the stairs. 

No. For safety reasons no backpacks or loads are allowed on the stairs. 

Those participants in the Heroes Race are authorized to wear the weighted vests provided by Unleashed.

Yes. There is signage indicating where to go as you walk down the drive into the Bowl.

Yes. There will be medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for male and female racers from the following age groups: 8-12; 13-17; 18-29; 30-39, 40-49; 50-59; 60+.

The overall male and female will also receive a trophy.

The winning team of the Heroes Race will receive a trophy and the overall male and female will receive a trophy.

The Fastest and Largest Community Partners will also receive trophies.

The ceremony will start approximately at 10:30am. 

Volunteers will begin take down under the direction of the Leads.

Once the field is cleaned up and the truck is loaded, volunteers can enjoy a drink together at Poquitoes. Area Lead, Jane Sobottka, will be coordinating and paying!

Maps & Visuals

UPDATED: July 28, 2023
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