About: COVID-19 Edition

Grit City Effort + Shared Struggle = Kindred Connection.

Tacoma is Grit City. Grit means, ‘indomitable spirit, strength of character, unyielding courage in the face of danger or hardship’. Grit must be earned through effort.

Unleashed at Stadium Bowl is a challenge for all participants regardless of age, gender, build, etc. On the stairs we are one.

We are a group of diverse individuals who are choosing to challenge ourselves to do our best in what feels like an impossible feat. We don’t quit on each other or ourselves. We finish and are the same in that moment.

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, we were left with two choices: quit or go virtual. We don’t quit.

While a virtual race is not the same as running Stadium Bowl with 500+ other people at the same time, we think we can provide a worthwhile challenge with rewards for your effort. 

The harm from this global pandemic is incalculable, and rescue animals are among its victims. Unleashed has always been twofold and this year is no different. We want to provide an experience that reminds our participants of who they are at their best while raising critical medical funding for the rescue animals of Kindred Souls Foundation. Like very year, 100% of the net profits are donated to KSF. Your race kit will include a sponsor button picturing a KSF animal who is benefiting from your effort.

Participants can choose to run stairs at home, local stadiums, stairs found in your community, or on a Stair Climber/Stair Master at a gym. Some Tacoma area photos with stair counts can be found here and our traditional Unleashed race route can be found here

You can find stairs in your local community on these sites: Public Stairs,  Community Walks Stairs TacomaCommunity Walk Stairs Seattle 

Some Stair Masters only count floors instead of steps. Therefore 1628 steps = 82 floors, and 3,256 steps = 164 floors.

To learn more about stadium stair data to map out your own best race route and learn how to record your race on Strava (free running app), click here

To remind ourselves that we are STILL ALIVE! To build character, connection, and community. We are bigger and stronger than COVID-19 uncertainty.  To be bigger, faster, stronger than threats we must do HARD. 100% of the net profits raised go to the rescue animals of Kindred Souls Foundation.

Anyone who wants to take the challenge of steps and elevation!

Race week is December 4 – 11, 2020

At the location of your choice

Registration runs 11/2-20. Race entry fee is $35 for all. Race kits will be mailed to you. Race kit includes a long sleeve tech shirt, sticker, and button of a Kindred Souls Foundation animal who is being sponsored by your effort. We encourage you to wear your button while you race, take photos, and post on social media with the tags #unleashedatstadiumbowl #kindredsoulsfoundation

There is no online registration fee. Entry fees are non-refundable.