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Our vision for Unleashed at Stadium Bowl is ‘Our best reflection celebrating life at our most iconic venue.’ The definition of our best reflection is the aggregation of all the tribes in our community. Businesses, schools, clubs, athletic organizations, government agencies, non-profits, etc.

The true strength of a great community is in how effective the ties are between the disparate groups. The best way to make new ties, and thicken the relationships that already exist, is through shared effort and struggle. No one completes Unleashed without effort, struggle, sweat, and mouth-breathing.

Our Community Partnership was created to bring together participants from the race and community organizations. An organization secures a minimum of 10 of its members to sign up for the race and receives the following:

• 10×10 booth/footprint on field
• Facebook recognition
• Your logo or name linked from our website to your website
• Your logo or name in our race program guide
• Exposure to race participants
• The organization with the most participants will receive a victory celebration hosted by a local restaurant in Tacoma!

This is a great opportunity to showcase your organization and is a memorable team-building event.

How do we sign up?
The person in charge of decision making on behalf of your organization should download, complete, and submit a Community Partner Form by April 30, 2019 (now closed) in order to be added to the website registration page before online registration opens May 1 and to qualify for the partnership benefits.

How do we identify ourselves as part of an organization?
If we have your organizations completed/signed Community Partnership Form by April 30, then your organization will be listed in a drop-down menu for you to select at the time of online registration. If you know your organization is participating and you do not see it on the drop-down menu, then contact us at: before completing the registration process.

During the race, we encourage you to suit up in your organization’s gear to identify yourselves en mass on the stairs!

What if you do not have our completed and signed form on file by April 30, 2019?
All participating organizations need to be identified by April 30, 2019, so that we can ensure the organization is listed on the online registration form, receives a designated spot on the field, and that their logo is in the program guide. You can register online up until midnight 7/28/19, but your Community Partnership Form must be to us by April 30, 2019.

What if we do not have 10 participants registered online by July 28, 2019?
If you do not have the required 10 participants registered by the July 28th deadline, then your organization will not qualify for all of the partnership perks.

What if we get more than 10 participants?
Then you have one strong organization and we are honored to have you partner with us! The organization that brings the most participants to the race will have their organization’s name engraved on the perpetual trophy that will reside at their place of business for the year and will be thrown a celebration donated by a local restaurant in the Tacoma area!

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