Our nation is currently experiencing a capacity crisis in our shelters and rescues. There are not enough foster or adoptive homes to save all of the cats and dogs in need.  Shelter Animal Count (SAC), the national database for shelter statistics, reports 900,000 more animals have entered and lingered in our nation’s shelters since January 2021, resulting in an ongoing capacity crisis. Spay/neuter is a solution to the crisis that we have the power to influence now.

Our peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity puts you on the frontline for saving animals! 100% of the money raised from peer-to-peer fundraising will go into community spay/neuter through our outreach program. We partner with other non-profit organizations, veterinary hospitals, and social service agencies to identify people in need of spay/neuter assistance.



Peer-to-peer fundraising is when individuals organize personal campaigns to collect donations from their peers.

No. Our hope is that each individual will raise a minimum of $150 which is the median cost of a cat and 2-24# dog spay/neuter surgery at the Northwest Spay Neuter Center in Tacoma. Dog spay/neuter cost is based on weight and both cat and dog surgeries can incur surcharges. We will provide spay/neuter vouchers to various low-cost clinics with the intent to maximize funding while remaining mindful of barriers that might prevent a person from accessing the clinic.

You can set up your individual or team fundraiser by clicking here

Yes! The individual who raises the most money will win a prize (TBD) from one of our sponsors.

Yes! The team who raises the most money will win a prize (TBD) from one of our sponsors.

Fundraising will run through August 31, 2024. However, the cut off date for tallying the winning amount for prizes is August 2, 2024 so that the prizes can be awarded on race day. 

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