On Sunday August 4th firefighters, law enforcement, and military teams will race against one another in Unleashed at Stadium Bowl’s ‘Heroes Race’.

The Heroes Race is an elite 3-person team event. All three team members must be capable of running the stadium bowl in 25 minutes or less wearing a 20lb vest (female) or 40lb vest (male).

Teams can be made up of all male, all female, or mixed. Team scores are the aggregate of individual times for an overall time.

The main race starts at 0900 and the Heroes Race starts at 1000. Most participants will have completed the main race and will be able to watch the Heroes Race. This event is difficult for everyone, and watching our Heroes race with weighted vests will be inspiring for everyone.

The winning team receives a trophy and a valuable gift from one or more of our sponsors.


The Heroes Race is part of the Unleashed at Stadium Bowl event and is made up of 3-person teams across the military, firefighter, and law enforcement fields.

It is separate from the main race with elite teams wearing a weighted vest (40 lb for men, 20 lb for women).

The participants will run the same course as everyone else: 814 steps up + 814 step down for a total of 1,628 steps.

Teams of three are comprised of all firefighters, all law enforcement officers, or all military members, optimally from the same organization. They are not required to be from the same organization, but they will race under one organization’s name.

Teams can be all male, all female, or mixed.

Team times are the aggregated individual times for an overall ‘team time’

The teams start together, but are not required to finish together. The timer aggregates individual times for overall team time. Best strategy is for each individual to run as hard as they can.

No. Participants will run in their athletic gear with a weighted vest. We recommend wearing an organizational t-shirt. The weighted vests are in lieu of running in tactical gear. This ensures the weight is the same for all participants.

Yes. Vests will be weighed on Sunday to ensure all weights are accurate on race day. You are responsible for ensuring your vest weighs the correct amount (20# for women and 40# for men) or your team will not qualify. If your team members do not have their own personal weighted vests, please contact us

Elite. The average time for non-weighted runners to complete one lap is 22 minutes. We expect the teams to be comprised of individuals who can run 22 minutes or faster with the load. The race director and team captains will discuss and vet participants during the registration process.

The entire team will be scored ‘DNF’ for ‘did not finish’. This is a team event. All members must finish to be competitive.

The winning team receives a trophy to keep, bragging rights for the year, and a quality gift provided by a sponsor (TBD).

Have your team leader contact us to inquire further. 


  1. Only one way on the stairs- up one flight, down another.
  2. Heroes Race teams must start together, but do not need to finish together.
  3. Hit every step going down. No skipping stairs on the downs.
  4. Vests must be worn during entire race. If you need to remove for adjustment or medical reasons, then stop where you are to address issue. Once resolved, redon the vest and continue the race.
  5. Use as few steps as you want going up. Many people like to run up every other step on the way up. It is faster, but there is a cost to pay….
  6. No wearing earbuds on the stairs for safety reasons.
  7. Official chip timing will end at 10:45am. If you have not crossed the finish line by 10:45am, then you will not receive a chipped time and will not qualify for a medal. This time is subject to move if the race starts late.
  8. The main gate into the Bowl is part of the race, so everyone enters from the Stadium Way entrance down 3rd Street past the Historical Society building.
  9. All waivers must be completed by 7/28/24. If someone registered for you online, then you will receive an email with the link to the online waiver if they provided your email address. You must complete the online waiver yourself. If you opt to use a hard copy of the waiver, then they can be faxed to us at: 253-584-4332.
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