Do I have to walk, run, bear crawl the stadium stairs if I volunteer ?!

No! We do have a few volunteer positions that require being on the stairs, but those will be identified below. If your primary concern about supporting Unleashed at Stadium Bowl as a volunteer is a concern about running or walking the stairs, please put those concerns aside.

The primary task of all volunteers is to support the participants by creating a sense of safety, professionalism, and authentic desire to see them excel.
We do this by:

  • Knowledge: Every volunteer must know the FAQS, understand the intent of the race, know the layout, know the sequence of events, and know where everything is located. We have one mandatory in-person volunteer meeting on 6/23 (10-12pm at the Lakewood YMCA) and one zoom meeting on 7/21 (10-12pm)

  • Enthusiasm: To witness another human being give extraordinary effort is the definition of inspiration. You will be inspired and we want you to demonstrate that in your interactions with everyone.

  • Selflessness: Our job as volunteers is to create an environment in which our participants are enabled to give everything they have on the stairs. To leave nothing. To completely exhaust their reservoirs of strength and endurance. This is uncomfortable, scary, and unfamiliar to most people. The outcome for the participant is a renewed sense of self, a new sense of self-sovereignty, a new sense of power. It changes how people view themselves everyday forward. We set the conditions for personal transformation.

  • Initiative: Because our volunteers have been trained on Unleashed, given knowledge tests, and have mentor who are previous volunteers—we trust your judgment on the field. You understand the mission. If you see a problem, fix it. If you cannot fix it, immediately elevate your concern to an Area Lead. The success of Unleashed at Stadium Bowl is because we have 50+ volunteers operating independently towards the same goal.

  • Desire for Successful Outcome: Every action and choice made in the set-up, execution, and tear-down of Unleashed at Stadium Bowl must be made with a desire for a successful outcome. Excellence in execution. Better than you found it.

Volunteers are assigned to work under team leaders of a specific area.
Below is a description of volunteer positions:

The Friday before the race we provide packet pick up at a specified location (TBD each year), as well as in the Bowl on Race Day. This job is confirming ID of participant, bib number, t-shirt size, gender, and giving the participant their race kit.

Signs are posted from along Stadium Way, N. E Street, and N. 3rd St, parking, down to entrance, and within the Bowl to direct people to restrooms, registration, etc. Our signage is like breadcrumbs, leading people where to go. At no time do we want any participant to feel the unease of not knowing where to go or where to be. Signs are 2×3 A-Frame style made of wood and weighing ~10lbs.

Parking control requires keeping situationally aware of the parking available inside the parking garage, politely telling participants other options when the garage is full, directing participants along the pathway and into the bowl, overseeing the gated volunteer parking area, and kindly reminding them of the Bowl rules if necessary.

These volunteers are liaisons between booths on the field and Area Leads to ensure all needs are met.

This is where most participants go after they are finished racing to enjoy shade tents and complimentary food and beverages. Volunteers assist our food vendors, ensure food and water is replenished, keep the area clean and presentable, and help transport water bottles in wagons to various water points on the field.

Everyone who runs wants to know EXACTLY how fast they ran, and where they stand in their age group. The results table requires dedicated people to continually update the results from the timer.

Awards are given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place by age group and sex. There are awards for individuals and groups. This task requires coordinating results and awards under the direction of the Area Lead.

Unleashed at Stadium Bowl is a metered-start event. This means that about every 10-20 seconds we release the participants in groups of three. The race line works closely with the Timer as well as ensuring those who finish early safely cross the start lane without disturbing those who just started.

Volunteers report to Area Leads to see how they can be of help. They keep situationally aware of safety all around and alert the medics of any concerns.

These volunteers must be able to climb and descend the steps repeatedly throughout the race. The primary concern is safety, so they pay close attention to each racer. It requires having the presence of mind to act with decisiveness if/when there is an emergency. Race marshals coordinate with their Area Lead, Field Lead, and the Medics. Safety training is provided so that Marshals understand the additional safety protocols and expectations.

This is a physically demanding job in the August heat. Set up is from 3PM until complete (~7pm) on Saturday before the race. We set up the race route, the food garden, help set up tents/tables/chairs. This task is just as important as those on race day. We provide food and bottled water to keep your energy up!

In addition to Race Day volunteering, each volunteer is asked to assist with one of the following tasks: 1) Race Packet or Race Bib Assembly, 2) Packet Pick Up on Friday before the Race, or 3) Field set up on Saturday before the Race (description above). Details are on the Volunteer Form.

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