Healthy competitiveness is what we want and expect. Loud, lively support of participants from spectators and other participants is highly encouraged.

Check out the  Race Route  and  2023 Winning Times

Rules for all Racers:

  1. Only one way on the stairs- up one flight, down another.
  2. Hit every step going down. No skipping stairs on the downs.
  3. Use as few steps as you want going up. Many people like to run up every other step on the way up. It is faster, but there is a cost to pay….
  4. No wearing earbuds on the stairs for safety reasons.
  5. No wearing backpacks, ruck sacks, or any other ‘load’ with the exception of those participating in the Heroes Race.
  6. Only run one lap if you registered for the 1 Lap option. Only run two laps if you registered for the 2 Lap option. Running more could cause problems with the chip timing and no one wants that!
  7. Official chip timing for the main race will end at 10:45am. If you have not crossed the finish line by 10:45am, then you will not receive a chipped time and will not qualify for a medal.
  8. The main gate into the Bowl is part of the race, so everyone enters from the Stadium Way entrance down 3rd Street past the Historical Society building.
  9. All waivers must be completed by 7/28/24. If someone registered for you online, then you will receive an email with the link to the online waiver if they provided your email address. You must complete the online waiver yourself. Youth waivers must be completed by the guardian of anyone under the age of 18 in order to participate in the race. Race Packets will not be released if you have not signed your waiver. A hard copy of the waiver can be found here
  10. Each participant under 18 must have a parent/guardian at the race to supervise and make medical related decisions on his/her behalf should that be necessary.
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